SF Sketchfest returns January 20 - February 5, 2023!

SF Sketchfest has been rescheduled for January 20 through February 5, 2023. The vast majority of existing shows will still be presented at the festival. While we’re disappointed to spend another year apart, the health and safety of our audience, performers, and staff comes first. Due to venue availability, 2023 is the earliest we can present the festival as planned, but we can’t wait to safely laugh along with you then!

All ticket holders will be contacted directly as soon as possible with more information. Please hang on to your tickets as we reach out to each and every ticket holder as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience while we’ve been working to reschedule these shows. We are beyond grateful for your support.

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Jean Grae

Jean Grae is a modern day polymath you may know from being a critically acclaimed, internationally renowned lyricist, performer, writer and producer. Since like… 25 years ago. She’s only 6 now. What a talent.

Maybe you've seen her on “Night Train with Wyatt Cenac,” “Thrilling Adventure Hour” or “2 Broke Girls.” You might not know her from Marvel comic books, where she punched Deadpool in the face, in Vol. 4, Issue #25. Perhaps you own one of her 21 albums, adult instructional EPs, or multimedia books. Was it when you heard her on 2 Dope Queenz, Another Round, guest bailiff on Judge John Hodgman, or attended her hilarious screenplay of “Ghostbusters 2 ½”? “Goonies II”? Was it her Jezebel cooking column?

Listen, we can’t make this bio 20 pages, as we just keep listing all the things.

Never mind. I know.

You went to the Church of the Infinite You at Union Hall, where as minister she holds services on Sundays. You just stayed there until her live talk show, “The Show Show" finally did you in. I’m not gonna sit here and guess anymore. You know Jean Grae from doing a lot of things that you enjoy.

This bio could've just been one line. Dammit.